Ice Cream Sandwich not for Eee PC 701G

Recently I was playing with android-x86 port of Ice Cream Sandwich and was asking me, why I was't able to run it on my old Eee PC 701G. Discussing my experience in Google+ with Andrey Tass lead me to the right direction. Here is a discussion within Android-x86 project, that came to the conclusion, that incorrect x86-atom flags in bionic/libc prevents run x86 port of Ice Cream Sandwich on non Atom based x86-CPUs. That's odd, so Honeycomb probably will be the last Android-x86 version I can install on my Eee PC 701G.

Dieser Beitrag wurde unter Android abgelegt und mit Android 4.0.1 x86, Atom-CPU, Eee PC 701G verschlagwortet. Setze ein Lesezeichen auf den Permalink.

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