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top ActiveX controls and more

WSHExtend ActiveX control
(Version 2.0, Updated 17-January-2000)
WSHForm ActiveX control
(Version 1.0, New 10-June-99)
WSHSystem ActiveX control
(Version 1.0, Update 14-July-99)
WSHShellExtend ActiveX control
(Version 1.0, 14-July-2000)
WSHRas ActiveX control
(Alpha Version 1.0, 16-August-2000)

VB 5 CCE ActiveX control creation
(Updated 21-March-99)
The DynaCall Page

top VBRunTime

The ActiveX ocx files works only, if you have installed already VB 5 CCE (or VB 5) or if the VB Runtime is present. If none of these files is installed, download (1.4 Mbytes Version 1.0), unzip it in a local folder and install it using Setup.exe. After installing the runtime once, all ocx files can used after registering.

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