Newsletters and Mailing List

Well, my original plan was to release a news letter each month dealing with some WSH topics. Unfortunately I run into serious trouble, after my attempt to publish the WSH Tutorial with a publisher failed. After working in February/March 15 hours a day, I was able to hit my deadline for Microsoft Office 2000 book project. In late April I prepared the English version of the Windows Scripting Host Tutorial for Adobe Acrobat Format. In May I updated my Microsoft Office 2000 VBA Programmers guide for Microsoft Press. And beside all these projects I continue building my new house, so all days are pretty filled with task not allowing me to write any news letter.

Now, in the first weeks of June I found a few spare days - because the weather was rainy here in Germany I decided to continue with WSH stuff. And I begun to prepare a few additional pages for the WSH Bazaar. The following newsletters contains the topics which are new to the WSH Bazaar.

What's about a mailing list?

I support the WSH Bazaar in my spare time to let others share the know how I gained within the last years. Because I'm always rather busy writing books for Microsoft Press and other major German publishers, the WSH Bazaar wasn't getting updated heavyly within the last years. I also gave up notifying registered users about updates (I lost parts of the user list due to a hard disc crash, and I made the experience that 80% of the e-mail addresses submitted are invalid - I got always a huge amount of e-mails bounced back as undeliverable). Please visit the WSH Bazaar from time to time to find out what's new. Sorry for any unconvenience.

If you have further comments or suggestions, please let me know Gborn @

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