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Disk operations

  • Disk copy in WSH
  • Format disks in WSH
  • Recursive Folder handling
  • User interface


  • Shutdown Windows with a RunDLL call
  • Suspend Windows or invoke the shutdown dialog using the shell
  • Exit Windows with a WSH-Script (undocumented backdoor to Win 98)
  • Accessing Windows shell with WSH-Scripts New
  • Record User Login under Windows (Win 9x/NT)
  • Hide/show the last user in the Windows logon box
  • Modify the icon size with a WSH script
  • Office

  • Excel: load a (CSV) file, print it and exit Excel
  • Excel: import CSV files (the big hammer)
  • Word: just a sample to access this application New
  • Outlook: create an e-mail New
  • Miscellaneous

  • Display WSH & Engine properties (comes in handy to check your environment)
  • SendKeys: data exchange via Clipboard between Calc and Notepad (just something like a macro player)
  • There are many other samples and undocumented features.  German readers will find the know how in the Microsoft Press titles Microsoft Windows 98 Power Toolkit and Inside Windows Script Host. An English WSH  book is available as Microsoft Windows Script Host 2.0 Developer's Guide (Microsoft Press).


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