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In 1998, while I was writing a Microsoft Windows 98 book for Microsoft Press Germany, I discovered that Microsoft ships a new feature called Windows Scripting Host (WSH). WSH was later renamed to Windows Script Host.

WSH can be the right tool to automate some task using scripts like back up or restore files, show dialogs during operation, shut down or restart windows, integrate application and their data, manage system administration tasks like adding, updating and removing user accounts in Windows NT and Windows 2000, access the Windows shell to create shortcuts, execute applications, access Microsoft Office applications and more.

top Why (I created) this web site?

As I begun with scripting, in summer 1998, I could not find any documentation about WSH, and the files shipped with Windows 98 didn't cover script programming. Later on I found a white paper on a web site, describing some of the objects, methods and properties exposed by WSH. In autum 1998 I begun writing the first edition Inside Windows Scripting Host for Microsoft Press Germany. At this time I struggled a lot to figure out how to use objects and their methods and properties within my scripts. Once I started visiting WSH newsgroups, I found that other people were having the same problems. Newsgroup participants such as Ian Morrish, Clarence Washington Jr. and Michael Harris shared generously a great deal of their useful knowledge, but I still needed more details. I had written books about VBA programming and HTML scripting, so I was familiar with Internet sites dealing with HTML scripting. As a resume of a long story: I learned WSH script programming walking the stoney way. In December 1998 my first WSH book for Microsoft Press Germany was shipped.

During the past two years I noticed that many people struggeled with WSH and scripting. Also answers given in a newsgroup are lost after a few weeks. My WSH book, that could solve many questions, was published in 1998/1999 only in German (in early 1999 there have been no English WSH books out). So I decided to create a Web site, called the WSH Bazaar, dealing with WSH scripting. I published the first material about WSH scripting in the hope it is useful for other scripters (and to prevent others to walk that stoney way I came along years ago). The feedback I received world wide encouraged me to continue maintaining the WSH Bazaar, although the time I can invest is almost too less to run the site in a professional manner.

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