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  Since Windows Scripting Host (WSH) initial release there are some web sites dealing with WSH. Below are the links that leads you directly to the sites of interest for WSH programmers.

top Microsoft

Microsoft's Scripting web site
This site contains the docs you need for scripting: WSH 2 help, VBScript help, JScript help. You can download also the last recent versions of script engines, Windows Script Host, Microsoft Script Debugger, and more.

Microsoft's ADSI  web site
This site deals with Active Directory and how to access Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI) using scripts.

Microsoft's WMI web site
Link to the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Web site.

top Other WSH sites

Below are links to free websites maintained by serval people around the world to support WSH scripting.

Ian Morrish's WSH Web site
This is one of the first and one of the most valuable (private) WSH scripting sites, maintaed by Ian Morrish (working for Glazier, a small company located in New Zealand). Ian is one of the Gurus contributing to the WSH newsgroup. His WSH website contains WSH news letters, a WSH FAQ list with many helpful tips, a download page for scripts, some discussions groups and more.

 C. Washington's Win32 Scripting page
A web site I may not forget to mention here (and which you MUST VISIT) is maintained by Clearance Washington. Clearance is (beside Ian Morrish) the other person frequently contributing to the WSH newsgroup. His site contains a download area (the script repository), offering tons of scripts written in different language from many people around the world. Clearance undertook to task to collect them and offer them at a single place for download. This site contains also links to other WSH sources in the net (like links to the newest tools within the Microsoft sites). And Clearance began to moderate a discussion lounge within his site, containing many questions, answers and contributions about WSH stuff.

Daren's WSH JScript Site
Daren Thiel begun in 1999 to create a web page containing JScript samples. This page is helpful, if you look for the names of COM objects (like "Word.Application"). Also nice samples demonstrating how to use Office and other COM objects from scripts.

15 seconds
A site dealing with valid programmer information.

German sites

Windows Scripting
Site von Dr. Holger Schwichtenberg (Autor mehrerer bei Addison Wesley erschienener Scripting-Titel), die sich mit WSH-Scripting (Script-Bibliothek, FAQ, WMI-Klassenreferenz etc.) befasst. Alleine die von Holger zusammengestellte Linkliste ist schon einen Besuch wert. Zudem enthält die Seite Scripting-Tools und informiert über Schulungen, die der Autor zum Thema abhält.

Site von Dr. Tobias Weltner (Autor mehrerer Scripting Bücher), auf dem auch der von Tobias entwickelte Script-Editor (SystemScripter) zu finden ist. Interessant: Der Editor bietet bereits eine Funktion, mit der sich WSH-Scripte mit einem Zertifikat signieren lassen. Erlaubt die Absicherung von Windows mit WSH 5.6 gegenüber WSH-Script-Viren (siehe mein Beitrag zur Skriptsicherheit hier im WSH-Bazaar sowie die Ausführungen im MS Press-Titel Inside Windows Script Host, 3. Auflage).
Scripting Site von Dieter Seyer mit einigen Skripten. Enthält eine gute Linkliste zu deutschsprachigen Scripting Sites.

top Vendor sites

Below are links to websites from vendors offering additional components helpful for WSH scripters.

PrimalSCRIPT Web Site
This is a MUST VISIT PAGE for a real WSH scripter. Sapien offers PrimalSCRIPT, a script editor developed to fit the needs of script developers. Sapien offers a 30-Day-Trial version for download. Currently there is version 2.0 available, but they are working on a new version with many new features (wow!).And they had a »Script Exchange« section where script programmers can exchange scripts for several hosts and distinct languages (not even JScript and VBScript, also Pearl, Tcl and so on).

Catalyst web site
Catalyst Development, offering Socket-Tools as ActiveX controls for Windows Sockets programming. Containing valid info about TCP/IP programming.

ScriptX web page
ScriptX is a control which supports also a couple of other neat methods for the script programmer. You can use this control for event sinks (this means: external events may be passed to the WSH script). The control provided many features to show dialogs and other function. Also the control can be used to bring JScript closer to VBScript (a method can be called, and then you can check whether a run-time error has occured). The specs for ScriptX may be found also on this web page.

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