Running Angry Birds on Eee PC 701G with Android x86

[German Version]It's cool, what we can do with an old Asus Eee PC 701G. I've experimented here a lot with Android x86 Ice Cream Sandwich on this machine. With a few modifcations, the netbook may be used as an Android machine and is capable to run Angry Birds or similar apps. In several articles I like to show, how to use Asus Eee PC 701 G (or other x86 machines) as Android devices. The first article is a kind of hands on.

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4 Antworten zu Running Angry Birds on Eee PC 701G with Android x86

  1. valerian sagt:


    Thanks for your article. I followed your instructions and I can't start the angry birds on my Asus 4g. How can I know if the libraries are installed correctly? Any ideas what do people usually do wrong?

    • Günter Born sagt:

      All I can say: If you proceeded the steps in the right order, it should work. Some Readers mentioned Trouble, but after re-processing all steps, it worked.

      I don't have an idea how to test houdini lib.

  2. valerian sagt:

    Thanks. I did try 3-4 times. i also tried an already compiled package from that one installed but did not boot up. Anyway. Thanks.

  3. Vas Naidu sagt:

    Hi Guys , I have Played Angry birds on my Lenovo with Intel-X86 platform using DuOS you can get the installer for your system from here :

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