Google Chrome lags and freezes

win7[German Edition]I'm facing an annoying problem using Google Chrome browser under Windows 7. The browser freezes for a few seconds, when I open a new web page. During this short period I can't do anything within the browser window. After a  beep, I'm able to continue surfing with Google Chrome.


I've also noticed, that playing music in background was interrupted and also open taskbar's context menu wasn't possible. Because I've just setup Windows 7 from a fresh image backup, a bad system could not be the case. Searching German Google pages didn't gave me a clue about the root cause. All hits addressed cases, where Chrome blocks the system completely and only a hard reset solved the issue.

Afterward I extended my search to english language web pages – and I found some hints. The problem was reported on Mac OS X (and here) on Linux and under Windows. Some user identified a downloads or the integrated flash player als the root cause. A Workaround ist proposed here. But my impression was, that this isn't my issue, because I have had the issue also on flash less web pages. Also this discussion was not helpful for my case – same here.

Then I found this Reddit article, but there was no solution till yet. But afterward, I notices, I'm not alone, and I found this Google forum thread. User AnubArack mentioned in a posting, that Google Chrome browser runs into trouble with Windows 7 auto detect proxy function. The website linked within the post doesn't exists anymore. But I managed it to fix my problem.

Adjust proxy settings in Google Chrome

Here are a step-by-step explanation, how to adjust proxy settings for Google Chrome browser. Note: I'm using here a shorter approach (compared to my original German article) – also the screenshots are still in German – because I'm to lazy to set up a system with englisch language interface.

1. Show the charms bar, select search and enter interneto into the search box.

2. In Internet Property dialog box go to the Connection tab an click the button LAN settings.

4. Uncheck "Automatic detect settings" and close all dialog boxes using OK button.


Then Google Chrome uses the default proxy settings – and in my case, the feeze problem was gone. Update: As far as I have seen, a similiar description from Martin Brinkmann with a reference to my German original article is suitable from

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