Android M ‘Developer Preview 2’ verfügbar

Google hat ein Update für die Developer Preview für die im Mai herausgegebene Android M-Entwicklerpreview veröffentlicht. Dieses Update hebt die Entwicklerversion von Android M auf die Version 2 der Developer Preview.


Die Änderungen sind hier dokumentiert und die Developer Preview 2 samt Dokumentation lässt sich von dieser Google-Seite herunterladen. Momentan stehen Systemimages für das Nexus 5, 6, 9 und den Nexus Player bereit. Google hat die folgende Liste mit “known issues” für Android M Developer Preview 2 veröffentlicht.

Known issues

General issues:

The system Messenger app crashes on the 64-bit emulator.
After updating to Developer Preview 2, Contacts sync experiences intermittent issues. The workaround is to clear and re-sync Contact Storage data after update. To clear data, go to Settings > Apps > Show system > Contacts Storage. Select “Storage” and then Clear data.
In YouTube app, it’s not possible to share a video. The share window is blank.
Android For Work Profile setup is not working properly, so you won’t be able to create a new Work Profile after you update. As a workaround, make sure to create the Work Profiles you need in Developer Preview 1 before updating to Developer Preview 2.

Issues specific to MPZ79N on Nexus Player:

Bluetooth share crashes after clearing data. Please do not clear Bluetooth share data, otherwise you will need to Factory Reset your device
There are issues with remote control connectivity. Remote can drop from Bluetooth pairing when left idle.
Movies show black screen with some ANRs on exiting the video.
In YouTube app, lower-resolution videos have a green bar at the top and some color-ghosting

For a complete list of reported issues, please refer to the open issues list on the Developer Preview issue tracker.


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