VirtualBox 5.0.6 freigegeben

Letzten Freitag, 2.10.2015, hat Oracle die Version 5.0.6 seiner Virtualisierungssoftware Virtualbox freigegeben Es handelt sich um ein Service-Update.


Hier der Changelog:

  • GUI: the update check now uses the HTTP system proxy settings by default
  • GUI: About dialog improvements. Copyable version text, do not close dialog on mouse-clicks and focus losing, explicit close button at the bottom of dialog and disabled close button fix on OS X. (bugs #9912, #12749)
  • GUI: fixed bug when re-assigning shortcuts (bug #14565)
  • GUI: fixed default focus button in message-box dialogs (bug #14486)
  • GUI: fixed settings dialog which is opened if the network settings need to be changed at VM startup (5.0.0 regression; bug #14601)
  • GUI: fixed crash during VM start if an early error message needs to be shown, for example Linux kernel modules not present (bug #14646)
  • Bridged Networking: fixed handling of guest DHCP requests without UDP checksum when bridging to a wireless interface (bug #14615)
  • Audio: latency fixes (Windows hosts only; bug #4088)
  • Guest Control: correctly set USERNAME and USERPROFILE environment variables (Windows guests only)
  • Guest Control: several fixes
  • API: properly restore NAT port forwarding rules when reverting to a snapshot
  • Parallel ports: Several fixes allowing to enable two parallel ports for a VM
  • VBoxManage: fixed wrong output of debugvm show command
  • VBoxManage: fixed hang when specifying logging groups with debugvm log starting with h, for example hex
  • Windows hosts: renamed VBoxStartup.log to VBoxHardening.log and provide this log file in the GUI log viewer
  • Windows hosts: fixed a small memory leak in the Windows host interface driver (VBoxNetAdp) which caused a BSOD if the driver verifier is enabled (bug #14562)
  • Windows hosts: fixed a failure to start VMs on hosts where dsound.dll is not available (bug #14574)
  • Windows hosts: another fix for VERR_LDR_MISMATCH_NATIVE errors (bug #14579)
  • Windows hosts: fixed host-to-guest communication with bridged networking (bugs #14326, #14457)
  • Windows hosts: fixed broken data receiving from the serial device with the named pipe backend if Kaspersky AV is installed
  • Linux hosts: Linux 4.3 compile fixes
  • Linux hosts: installer fix for certain systems (bug #14627)
  • Linux hosts / guests: native systemd support for the host/guest installer scripts. The scripts for re-compiling the kernel modules are now located at /sbin/rcvboxdrv (host) and /sbin/rcvboxadd (Guest Additions)
  • Mac OS X hosts: GUI-related fixes for El Capitan
  • Mac OS X hosts: fixed a problem with capturing USB devices under El Capitan
  • Mac OS X hosts: allow colon character on shared folders (bug #14554)
  • Linux Additions: properly set the VBoxService process ID in the PID file (bug #14571)
  • Linux Additions: Guest Control fixes (bug #14573)
  • Windows Additions: fixed shutting down VBoxTray when running with older VirtualBox host versions
  • Windows Additions: fixed video playback with VLC and Windows Media Player when the WDDM driver is used and 3D is not used
  • Windows Additions: prevent a possible VLC crash when the WDDM driver is used and 3D is enabled by implementing YV12 surfaces

Download: VirtualBox 5.0.6

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  2. Thomas Bauer sagt:

    So gerne ich Virtual Box mochte. Also Windows 10 läuft damit mehr schlecht als Recht. Werbungsfrei möchte ich äußern das VMware DirectX unterstützt und auch die Erweiterungen für Windows 10 einwandfrei laufen. Ich kann nur anraten das zu testen.

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