Windows 8: Quick start, using “HybridBoot”

[German edition] Within last months I have read many speculations about Microsoft's intension to establish a kind of "quick boot" in upcoming Windows 8. The guys at German took a view behind the curtains of Windows 8 Build 7978.


MagicAndre1981 from WinVistaSide did an in deept analysis of Windows 8 boot process using xbootmgr trace. He found something called HybridBoot in Windows 8. This mode will be invoked on each shutdown.

In HybridBoot mode, Windows 8 terminates the user sessions (and also the the apps loaded within these sessions). Afterward windows 8 kernel and also all services will be set into "sleep mode". This means a memory dump is written into hybernation file (hiberfile.sys). Then the power will be switched off.

During next boot, windows boot loader don't need to load kernel modules, drivers and services from distinct files. Instead, the memory dump will be loaded from hiberfile.sys and Windows 8 logon screen will be visible within a few seconds. MagicAndre1981 reported, here (unfortunately in German), that a resume took only 7,5 seconds on his system. That's a funny work from thouse guys at!

Some other findings from André

Beside this, I reported here in brief about a new extended virtual disk format (.vhdx). MagicAndre1981 told me in a comment, that these .vhdx files may be larger than 2 GB. Together with Hyper-V there will be a lot more options to virtualize guest operating systems as in the past. André reported also (see here), that PowerShell 3.0 will be incorporated in Windows 8 Build 7978. A WinVistaSide user speculates, that PowerShell 3.0 provides methods to access the new "protogon file system" (see here and here). I don't know, because I haven't had time yet to take a closer view.

[Update: I just have seen, that zdnet editor Mary Jo Foley also posted an article about Hyper-V in Windows 8. Maybe it's a bit more readable for native English language user. Mary Jo referenced also McLaws-Blog, who reported, that Hyper-V includes a number of new storage, memory and networking enhancements.]

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